Jiang Atelier refers to the Atelier organization as a whole, the intermediary party between the Artisan and the Client.

Artisan refers to the involved artisans involved in the commission, the party creating and delivering the product or service.

Client refers to the party inquiring or proposing the commission request, the party receiving the product or service.

Parties mentioned in the Terms of Service

Payment plans, refunds, commission process

Commission Terms

Commission terms will vary based on the Artisans involved in the commission. Please read through these terms carefully.

Usage & NDA

Your Rights & our Rights

Jiang Atelier ensures that all rights are just, reasonable, and are created for the security and transparency of all parties. Rights are important, please read these terms carefully.

Dos & Don'ts

What we accept and reject

Jiang Atelier is a very versatile studio, but every studio has boundaries. Please read our regulations for what commissions we will and will not do.


中文 服务条款