EN Artisans

Artisans that can speak English and not Chinese.

Each artisan has their own color of the rainbow and their own specialty. You may commission one artisans or multiple in a bundle.

Specialized Artisans

All of our Artisans can do multiple services but cach Artisan has specialized skills for whatever service or product you need. Please read the description and check the prices for each Artisan to confirm they can do the service you need!

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Coding Specialty

Color: Red #f65c64

Coding of dono bars, alert boxes, chat boxes, interactive integrations, reactive overlays

Hello! I'm Elith Lunaris, your favourite Kawaii-Goth VTuber! I've been a software engineer for 8+ years and have a passion for helping create beautiful widgets! I hope we can work together to make something you're proud of! ♥


Illustration Specialty

Color: Orange #D3834D

Character Art, Illustrations, Reference Sheets & Character Design

Hello there! I'm Elazu, a self-taught freelance illustrator and L2D model artist based in Europe! I hope you enjoy my drawings as much as I love making them!


Emotes Specialty

Color: Yellow #FEC868

Emotes, badges, and chibis

Hello! I'm aldabora, an emote artist. I can draw anything but specializes in drawing cute thing like you ☆~('▽^人)


Vocal Mixing Specialty

Color: Light Green #CDF4A4

Vocal mixing of covers and original music

hello, it's your friendly neighborhood tanzu! i'm ready to try my best and mix your beautiful vocal into a nice, delightful singing!

Nakuri Niwa

Logo Specialty

Color: Turquoise #68B6B6

Beautiful, unique, and iconic logos for your branding

Greetings, I am Nakuri Niwa! I specialize in crafting exceptional, unique and iconic, logos to enhance your brand identity.


3D Modelling Specialty

Color: Light Blue #93E4FB

Blender and VRoid 3D Models

Hi! I can create a fantastic replica of your 2D VTuber model in 3D!


Video Graphics Specialty

Color: Blue #00008B

Stingers, debut videos, lore videos, music videos & schedule graphics

Hello! My name is Dan!! I specialize in my skill on Graphic design & Video Graphics. Feel free to contact me whenever you want to use my service. Thank you ^^

Aven Mico

Live2D Modelling Specialty

Color: Light Purple #dfcdff

Illustrations and Live2D model art

I am an artist with a good temper and good communication. I work with a special model cutter to bring the best cut models for complex rigging! We have warm service, great designs, and solid skills. No matter if you need lolita, oneesan, mommy, daddy, or bishounen I can make it!

Theo TNN

Background Art Specialty

Color: Purple #a672f3

Perfect scenery and rooms for any mood or occasion

Hello! I'm Theo, a background artist for visual novel, stream background, games, etc. I like to make colorful backgrounds.


Live2D Rigging Specialty

Color: Light Pink #F6C4CD

Live2D rigging and animations of models

Hi! I am a live2d rigger who specializes in complex physics and vbridger parameters implementation! I do my best to send out progress reports throughout all of the rigging process so expect a ton of updates while you work with me! I will ensure that the end product is something you love and something I will feel proud of!


VTuber Assets Specialty

Color: Pink #FFB3F6

Hand assets, microphones, keyboards, chairs, tablets, light sticks

Cry’s a cute & comfy Vtuber artist and idol, here to provide all your fun Vtuber asset needs. Want a microphone for karaoke or ASMR? Maybe a gaming chair or drawing tablet? She’s your gal! Specializing in bright and colorful aesthetics, Cry will always try her best to make her assets reflect the client's vision as accurately as possible.


Coding Specialty

Color: White #FFFFFF

Coding of dono bars, alert boxes, chat boxes, interactive integrations, reactive overlays

Dunkston specializes in creating visually appealing overlays that will take your stream to the next level. With their attention to detail, they can create custom overlays that perfectly complement your streaming style and personality, making your stream stand out from the crowd. With their expertise and innovative approach, your viewers will be thoroughly immersed and engaged in your stream.


Music Production Specialty

Color: Grey #5A5A5A

Original music, instrumental remakes, sound alerts, background tracks

Hello, I'm Levare! I make BGM, original song, and instrumental remakes


Graphic Design Specialty

Color: Black #28282b

Overlays, panels, alert boxes, stream deck icons, event graphics, in-game modules, schedule graphics, donation bars & chat boxes

Hello! I am YUU-NA. I specialize in graphic design! I love making stream graphics, panels, and assets! Allow me to design your ideal graphics and space. Thank you!


Lore Writer & Character Creation

Jiang Atelier Founder

Color: Black #000000

Writing of Lore Videos, Character Branding, Naming & Backstories/Origins

EOS is a very skilled and creative writer who has written lore, named, and helped establish branding for over twenty corporate vtubers.

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